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Amsterdam Dance Event is where I stop and look back at the work done the past 7 years.
Quite a ride, pretty hard to sum up everything in less than a minute…but I tried 🙂
If you fancy numbers, after 7 years, i’ve worked with over 400 artists, travelled in over 30 countries, did more than 400 videos  or something, maybe more (?), over 50 million views, and more than 200 flights…it might not be much compared to your favorite artists, but for a french dude doing it all alone, i’d say it’s not too bad…but there’s always better, so i’ll keep pushing !

Cheers goes to all artists & labels for their trust! If there’s one thing i’m proud of, it’s that I did everything on my own, with a genuine love for music, which is the n°1 thing that keeps me going… (or else i’ll be swimming in money doing some boring corporate videos..).

Enough with the Oscars’ speech, now back to rendering!